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Nosbor L'rac
19 August 1989
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Carl Other junk
Okay, I'm going to put in this box all the random stuff about myself that no one wants to know.

Name's Carl. I was born in Brazil, moved to England when I was four. Carl is not my legal name. I was assigned the wrong gender at birth. My body does not match my brain. I am a boy, and one day who I am on the outside will match who I am on the inside. Due to the nature of my existance, there is little that I take for granted. I am very open-minded. I do not judge. I forgive easily and quickly. I believe in freedom of speech and in your freedom to express yourself. I believe that the gender identity is a spectrum, it is not just black and white. When I fall in love with someone, I could care less what they have between their legs. It is irrelevant. Love has no rules whatsoever. I love freely, without inhibitions. If you prefer labels to explain things, for any reason such as that it helps you to understand a situation better, then I guess you could call me Pansexual. (This is an extension of bisexual brought about due to the fact that bi stands for two genders. There are more than two genders. Many more. I do not believe in discrimination of any sort. Race or religion do not matter to me. Just don't shove your religion in my face, and we'll get along fine. I'll respect your views and your beliefs, as I expect that you'll respect mine in the same way. I do not believe in the Judaeo-Christian concept of God. I just don't. I, of course, have my reasons, but I believe that there just isn't enough time or room to ever possibly explain myself fully. I believe in the awesome power of nature. Some people would class me as a Pantheist. They could be right. You never know. I'm afriad that's all I have for you right now. I'm usually not so eloquent, but was feeling so today. If you wish to know more, then get to know me. Simple really.


And in here will be more stuff that no one wants to know, including links and stuff. K?




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